I was born and lived at the gates of the desert, in the south of Morocco, and for years I have been accompanying tourists to the discovery of the Sahara, with the indispensable collaboration of a network of local experts and my family, together with whom we prepare trips During all my childhood I have accompanied my father on his itinerant trips to the desert and in my family's cafe restaurant (recommended by the guideLonely Planet , Morocco 2009, ed.italiana), which has allowed me to acquire a great experience in As for the desert, traditional cuisine and dealing with many different people. In addition to Sahara Vivo, I collaborate in other projects and have participated in trips such as the scientific expedition on the environment Voyageurs Des Sables 2007.


I am originally from a village in northern Italy, and in recent years I have lived in Morocco and northern Spain, where my work allows me to move between these two countries and accompany him to Abderrahim, on his trips to the desert. of reference for travelers as Western, and a bridge with the peoples of the desert, whose generosity, love and respect for life do not cease to amaze me

We think that bringing together the cultures and knowledge of both is very enriching for us and the people who accompany us on trips.